Horse Drawn Farm Equipment
for Draft Horse Farming

Horse Drawn Farm Equipment
for draft horse farming
is crafted by I & J Manufacturing
in Lancaster County, PA.

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Row Crop Cultivators

Row Crop Cultivators


Heavy Duty Row Crop Cultivator

The I & J Heavy Duty Row Crop Cultivator is shown here in a four row model and is also available in two and six row models.

All Heavy Duty Row Crop Cultivators are built with 8 1/4" wide parallel links for wobble free stability. A superior polymer blend brushing on all moving parts provides excellent water resistance. A combination Cat 1/2 hitch is standard for greater versatility. Shown with optional row shields and coulter.

Heavy Duty Row Crop Cultivator


Standard Row Crop Cultivators

The I & J Standard Duty Four Row Crop Cultivator (pictured below) is an economical choice for the small horse farm operation. All standard cultivators are equipped poly bushings and with a Cat I or Cat 2 hitch and adjustable stands.

Horse Drawn Standard Row Cultivator front viewHorse Drawn Standard Row Cultivator back view


Horse Drawn One Row Crop Cultivator

The I & J One Row Crop Cultivator (pictured above) is used for cultivating special crops such as pumpkins. It works great on rows with plastic mulch. It has the same specifications as the two row model, with the center gang removed.

Standard Duty Four Row Crop Cultivator
Two Row Cultivator
One Row Crop Cultivator
PLEASE NOTE: I & J Mfg. reserves the right to adjust prices according to input costs, and prices on web might not immediately reflect actual selling cost.

3 Point Cultvator Specifications

Model Shanks Tool Bar Sizes Weight Shipping Dimensions
2 Row HD
11 4" x 6" x 3/16" x 85" 825 44"W x 85"L x 36"H
4 Row HD
21 4" x 6" x 3/16" x 170" 1120 48"W x 170"L x 48"H
6 Row HD
31 5" x 7" x 3/16" x 250" 1440 44"W x 250"L x 48"H
1 Row LD
10 4" x 4" x 1/4" x 72" 520 44"W x 72"L x 36"H
2 Row LD
11 4" x 4" x 1/4" x 72" 650 44"W x 72"L x 36"H
4 Row LD
21 4" x 4" x 1/4" x 144" 1000 48"W x 144"L x 48"H

Options for Row Crop Cultivator

The cultivators are available with 18" to 40" row spacing and have adjustable gauge wheels to allow each gang to track accurately over uneven surfaces. From one to six row cultivators, heavy duty or light duty cultivators, you'll find options below that make the I & J Row Cultivators extremely versatile and efficient.

Guage wheels are easily adjusted without tools. Guage wheels depth adjuster

Gravity Fed Liquid Side Dresser Polyethelene Tanks available in 25 or 55 gallon capacity.

Gravity Fed Liquid Side Dresser
Adjustable Row Shields allow safe, controlled return of soil to plants. All hardware is included with assembly instructions.
$105.00 per row
Adjustable Row Shields for Row Crop Cultivator
Cultivator Tines can be added to convert units to field cultivators. Shields or hillers must be removed.
$39.00 per row
Cultivator Tines for Row Crop Cultivators
Disk Hillers attach to a row crop cultivator conveniently for hilling crops when desired.
$140.00 per row
Disk Hillers for Row Crop Cultivators
A Depth Adjuster is available for Row Crop Cultivators. No tools needed for Quick Depth Adjuster.
Depth Adjuster for Row Crop Cultivators
High Quality Optional Cultivator Shovels.
As pictured from left to right: 7", 4", 2 3/4", 1 1/2" (reversible)
Optional Shovels for Row Crop Cultivator

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