Horse Drawn Farm Equipment
for Draft Horse Farming

Horse Drawn Farm Equipment
for draft horse farming
is crafted by I & J Manufacturing
in Lancaster County, PA.

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Prices listed on this web site
do not include shipping.

To obtain a quote for shipping to your destination contact one of these companies:

True Blue Specialized Transportation
(704) 454-5454
Ask for Chelsea, extension 6449
and be sure to mention I & J Mfg.

You may also visit your local
I & J Horse Drawn
Equipment Dealer.

Precision Cutting Sickle Mower

I & J Precision Cutting Sickle Mowers are durable enough to operate for many years under the toughest conditions. Mowing is smooth and efficient. Unique German Busatis cutters result in virtually no pugging. Heat treated blades hold their edge longer and produce a cleaner cut. The Pitmanless gear allows the bar to cut in any position. A safety release automatically rehooks and helps prevent damage from impact to the bar. The I & J Precision Cutting Mower produces precision cut, high quality hay and promotes regrowth better than any other method. Low torque requirement can now be ground driven.

 View our Precision Cutting Sickle Mower Brochure

Blade Guard
Both blades move against each other for a clean, positive cut.


  • Working width of 7', 8', or 9'
  • 12" Cylinder lifts bar into vertical position
  • 3 Point or Trailing Hitch
  • Comes with extra blade
  • Pitmanless gear cuts in any position
MowerType Price Weight Shipping Size Working Size
7 ft Mower with Motor

$7600.-(8 ft bar)

1,270 lbs 64"W x 84"L x 56"H 148"W x 84"L x 56"H
7' Mower with 3 Point PTO

$4975.00-(with 8 ft bar)

540 lbs 38"W x 84"L x 30"H 120"W x 30"L x 30"H
7' Mower with Trailing PTO

$5350-(with 8 ft bar)

970 lbs 38"W x 84"L x 30"H 120"W x 84"L x 30"H
Ground Drive Mower

$7300.00-(with 8 ft bar)

950 lb 62 w x 84 L x 30" high 144" wide x 204" long x 44" High

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