Precision Cutting Sickle Mower

I & J Precision Cutting Sickle Mowers are durable enough to operate for many years under the toughest conditions. Mowing is smooth and efficient. Unique German Busatis cutters result in virtually no pugging. Heat treated blades hold their edge longer and produce a cleaner cut. The Pitmanless gear allows the bar to cut in any position. A safety release automatically rehooks and helps prevent damage from impact to the bar. The I & J Precision Cutting Mower produces precision cut, high quality hay and promotes regrowth better than any other method. Low torque requirement can now be ground driven.

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Prices & Shipping

7 ft Mower with Motor8 ft bar

$760000plus shipping
  • 1,270 lbs
  • 64"W x 84"L x 56"H Shipping Size
  • 148"W x 84"L x 56"H Working Size

7' Mower with 3 Point PTO8 ft bar

$4,97500plus shipping
  • 540 lbs
  • 38"W x 84"L x 30"H Shipping Size
  • 120"W x 30"L x 30"H Working Size

7' Mower with Trailing PTO8 ft bar

$5,35000plus shipping
  • 970 lbs
  • 38"W x 84"L x 30"H Shipping Size
  • 120"W x 84"L x 30"H Working Size

Ground Drive Mower8 ft bar

$7,30000plus shipping
  • 950 lbs
  • 62"W x 84"L x 30"H Shipping Size
  • 144"W x 204"L x 44"H Working Size

PLEASE NOTE: I & J Mfg. reserves the right to adjust prices according to input costs, and prices on web might not immediately reflect actual selling cost.