Horse Drawn Walking Plow

Right Hand (Standard) Walking Plow with 8" or 10" bottom. One or two horses are required to pull this plow.

Choice of either 8" or 10" Indian Bottom or 12" or 14" Radey Bottom.

Bottom can be interchanged with a Potato Plow bottom.

Prices & Shipping

Horse Drawn Walking Plow(with Economy Bottom)

$60000plus shipping
  • 165 lbs
  • 50"W x 48"L x 24"H Shipping Size
  • 16"W x 56"L x 36"H Working Size

With Radex Bottom 

$80000plus shipping
  • 225 lbs
  • 50"W x 48"L x 24"H Shipping Size
  • 16"w x 56"L x 36" H Working Size

PLEASE NOTE: I & J Mfg. reserves the right to adjust prices according to input costs, and prices on web might not immediately reflect actual selling cost.