Horse Drawn "Riding" Cultivators

The I & J Horse Drawn "Riding" Cultivator pictured topmost on the right is a One Row Horse Drawn "Riding" Cultivator. A close-up view of the same cultivator is pictured beneath it. Tines are easily raised and lowered from the comfort of the cushioned operator's seat. A driver operated foot pedal allows for maneuvering around growing plants. This cultivator can be made into a harrow by adding more shovels on the row.

Options are Rolling Shields and Disc Hillers.

The Two Row Horse Drawn Cultivator works just like the One Row Horse Drawn Cultivator described above. Also available are Three Row and Four Row Cultivators. Easy depth adjusters allows changing without tools. The picture below is of the depth adjuster.

Watch I&J Horse Drawn Equipment Video: 

Prices & Shipping

One Row Cultivator

$1,85000plus shipping
  • 750 lbs
  • 48"W x 52"L x 48"H Shipping Size
  • 48"W x 172"L x 48"H Working Size

Two Row Cultivator

$2,16000plus shipping
  • 900 lbs
  • 48"W x 80"L x 48"H Shipping Size
  • 80"W x 180"L x 48"H Working Size

Three Row Cultivator

$2,63000plus shipping
  • 1100 lbs
  • 48"W x 102"L x 48"H Shipping Size
  • 102"W x 180"L x 48"H Working Size

Four Row Cultivator

$3,06000plus shipping
  • 1300 lbs
  • 48"W x 144"L x 48"W Shipping Size
  • 144"W x 180"L x 48"H Working Size

Horse Drawn Cultivator Options

Rolling Shields

$11000per row

Disc Hillers

$15000per row

1 Row Liquid Fertilizer Applicators

$2750025 Gallon

2 Row Liquid Fertilizer Applicators

$3680055 Gallon

2 Horse Hitch

$12600plus shipping

3 Horse Hitch

$20500plus shipping

4 Horse Hitch

$30000plus shipping

Field Cultivator Attachments

$4100per row

PLEASE NOTE: I & J Mfg. reserves the right to adjust prices according to input costs, and prices on web might not immediately reflect actual selling cost.