Horse Drawn Farm Equipment
for Draft Horse Farming

Horse Drawn Farm Equipment
for draft horse farming
is crafted by I & J Manufacturing
in Lancaster County, PA.

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Prices listed on this web site
do not include shipping.

To obtain a quote for shipping to your destination contact one of these companies:

True Blue Specialized Transportation
(704) 454-5454
Ask for Chelsea, extension 6449
and be sure to mention I & J Mfg.

You may also visit your local
I & J Horse Drawn
Equipment Dealer.

Horse Drawn Cultivator

Horse Drawn Farming Cultivators

Cultivators fabricated by I & J Manufacturing, LLC in Gap, PA are built for long life in the field or garden with minimum maintenance. A Walk-Behind Horse Drawn Cultivator is perfect for a small horse or pony and will work well in the garden. Horse Drawn "Riding" Cultivators have a cushioned driver's seat and pedal functions for movement among growing plants.

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