Horse Drawn Farm Equipment

Horse Drawn Farm Equipment for draft horse farming is crafted by I & J Manufacturing in Lancaster County, PA.

Horse farming is not old fashioned anymore.... Although it feels like it!

Horse Drawn Farm Equipment from I & J Manuafacturing is built for the 21st century from generations of Amish horse farming experience.

I & J Manufacturing of Lancaster County, PA uses its heritage of draft horse farming in the fabricating shop. They manufacture durable, workable, and economical horse drawn farm equipment. You don't even have to own a draft horse to use this horse drawn equipment! Do you have a mule, an ox, or a garden tractor? Explore the horse drawn farm equipment on this site to see how I & J Manufacturing helps take horse farming to the 21st century.

Generations of Experience

Draw from generations of Amish horse drawn farming experience.

Multiple Models

From row crop cultivators to potato plows, find multiple models and attachments.

Works for You

Work your equipment with horses, mules, oxen or garden tractors.